A Demonym for Somerset

So it would appear that Somerset does not have a demonym (a name for the people that come from our blessed County).  Bristol has Bristolians.  Devon has Devonians.  But what are we?

County Flag of Somerset
County Flag of Somerset

This has been discussed a few times, and while often the word ‘yokel‘ will be thrown in to the pot – I don’t think it’s at all accurate.  ‘Yokel’ is a generic term used for people from any rural area in England – and often in a derogatory way.

‘Somersetonians’ has been used a few times – and is also used to describe students past and present at Somerset College in Australia (it’s also the names of their college newsletter).

The trouble with ‘Somersetonian’ is that it’s a bit long and complicated, and perhaps takes itself a bit too seriously.  And those are words I wouldn’t at all associate with the great land of cheese and cider.  So I propose a few others…

Somters – (pron: SUMterz) Quite simple really – Som’t is the shortened form of Somerset in addresses, so let’s just add one of Somerset’s favourite morphemes ‘er’ to that.  Bobz yer Uncew, innit!

Mersets – (pron: MER-sets) – Remove the first syllable, add an ‘s’ to make it more nouny.  Plus, it’s a brand new word!  It’s not even allowed in Scrabble!

The Red Dragons – See flag above.  Perhaps a little contrived though?

Setters – Alright, sounds a bit, well, doggy.  Still, it’s a thought!

What do you think?  Which of these would you prefer, or do you have a suggestion of your own…?


13 thoughts on “A Demonym for Somerset

  1. Somersetonians has been used since the Victorian era, and anent. Job’s a good’un, as we say here in the land of the Wyvern. NB. not a dragon at all, despite erroneous flag.

    1. Well, we may well have one lurking around somewhere, but I’ve never heard it! How did you find using either of those two? Did they roll of the tongue or did you find them a little awkward to say?

  2. After a long conversation about what you are called if you are from Somerset we have researched to find there isn’t an actual name. So our vote is Ciderman!

  3. The Landlady of a local pub used the word “Wurzels” but is that a bit more Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

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