Bridgwater Speaks! – a big THANK YOU to a small town!

Cornhill, Bridgwater.  Image: Vicky Garnett 2011So in a shameless act of self-promotion, I thought I’d share a link to a similar project I conducted (on a smaller scale) a couple of years ago.  Bridgwater Speaks!  ( was a small website designed to encourage Bridgwater-ites (seriously, are we a county utterly devoid of a decent demonym for any of our towns?!) to consider their own accent, and to hopefully volunteer to take part in the project.

The project interviewed around 20 Bridgwater locals in different age ranges, and everyone of them was incredibly generous with their time, and stories.  Young and old here happy to forget about the microphone shoved under their noses and waxed lyrical about various anecdotes of modern Bridgwater life, and lives gone by.

Of course, the interviews couldn’t have happened without a huge amount of help from the Blake Museum, the Bridgwater & District Civic Society, Bridgwater Town Council and a few friends dotted around the town.

So, while I thanked all involved at the time, I’d like to once again issue a special THANK YOU to all who took part, and an equally big THANK YOU to all those who helped to promote the project and locate participants!


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