A short Ilchester Rhyme

Sheep on the Quantocks – another beautiful Somerset scene

I’ve found another marvelous resource, An Ilchester Word List and Some Folklore Notes by J.Stevens Cox.  The book was compiled in 1974 based on words, phrases and rhymes that were recorded (unclear whether by audio or written records) before 1925.

Found this rather short but nonetheless heartfelt rhyme in the book…

Cornwall’s ugly as ugly can be,
Devonshire’s better certainly,

But Somersetshire’s the best of the three,
And Somersetshire’s the County for me.

 – A verse recited at Ilchester in the 19th Century

A little partisan, perhaps – probably not a rhyme that’ll be adopted by the VisitSomerset website any time soon.  I’m not sure I’d agree that Cornwall is ugly, either.  I find Cornwall rather beautiful, but I suppose it shows the pride Somters (I’m gonna make it stick unless someone comes up with a better one!) have for their county.


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