Yarrrrr!!! EVERY Day be Talk Like A Pirate Day in Somerset!

Yerrr, savvy?

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

But of course, EVERY day is ‘Talk Like A Pirate‘ day in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.  With our sea-faring heritage (see Admiral Blake and Capt. William Dampier) and world-famous port Bristol right on our doorstep, it’s only natural that Pirates are nearly always depicted with South-West England accents.

And Somerset is justifiably a ‘go-to’ accent for Pirate-speak, because the county is not

Edward Teach, aka ‘Blackbeard’

without its famous swashbuckling sons.  Blackbeard himself was a Bristolian, and there are several Somerset-born buccaneers listed in the “Pirate’s Who’s Who“.

So Yarrrr!  Avast!!!  Tighten the mainsail, and throw in a ‘yo-ho-ho’ for good measure.  Be proud of your Somerset accent on today of all days!


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