Texts, texting and ‘to text’

Texting. I don’t suppose we could imagine life without this incredibly useful communicative means these days, yet just 10-15 years ago, we were making do with notes left by landlines, or actually turning up on time to pre-arranged activities. With texting, we have also developed ‘text speak’ that has revolutionised written conversation for some, and infuriated others!  (LOL, ROFL, etc.)

The act of texting itself has become a verb, but there seems disagreement as to how to express this, particularly in the past tense.  I wonder if this is a region thing, or if the sounds within ‘text’ are influencing people from any region in which form they choose to use.

So which form do you use?  Take the super quick (and anonymous) poll below.  There is no right or wrong answer, it’s just a case of finding out which form is most commonly used where.  I’ll discuss the results next week.



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