The Fluidity of Language – a Poem for National Poetry Day week, I wrote about a competition that was being run by the Somerset Libraries in preparation for National Poetry Day.  Well today is National Poetry day, so I thought I’d share my entry to this competition with you.

I’ve written it using several old Somerset dialectal terms, so it may be incomprehensible to some, but the words might be very familiar to others.  I’m no Beckett, Heaney or Betjemen, but here is my offering.  Enjoy the day, read some poetry, and maybe have a go at writing some yourself!

The Fluidity of Language

(originally submitted as “Words as Water”)

Cassen thee hear no more
the words from backalong,
flowing like stickes past batches and burges
Pooling in pulks
turned glassen when still?

Memories of summers gone
so loud with buzzers and bugs,
cycling gurt fast past old men stood clotting;
elvers in hulleys
fleet twily nearby.
Meanings shift and divide
like tree-buts laid on banks.
Spiky old words like bannisticles caught
swimming in jars
kept precious with time.

Cassen thee see no more
the words from backalong?
Chowrin’ down rhines into rivers of time;
Swept by a bore, (while)
some still cling to stwons.

Vicky Garnett, 2013


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