Demonym for Somerset – The Campaign Continues…


Somerset has had it tough for the past couple of months.  In fact, it’s still not picking up, is it?  So why not reinforce some positivity in our currently-soggy county, and give it something to be proud of?

County Flag of Somerset
County Flag of Somerset

So you may recall a little while back I began a Campaign for a Demonym for Somerset!

Well, it’s sparked a little interest, and I’ve had a few further suggestions…

A librarian from Somerset suggested either Someran or Somian, which I now add to the bank of lists to vote on!

Why do we need a Demonym?

Well, while Somerset has managed to get by for centuries without a demonym, or neighbouring countrymen have one, and use it proudly.  Devon has Devonians (they even have a Prehistoric Era named after them!), and Bristol has Bristolians.  Somerset sits between these two, and suffers a little from an inability to differentiate itself from the two.  You see, while we Somersetians/Somters/Somerans/insert-suggestion-here know how brilliant our county is, and can call a dap a “dap”, many outside the “Land of the Summer Settlers” can’t really tell the difference.

Having a demonym, that is a word to describe a group of citizens from a specific location, would bolster Somerset identity, reinforce the differences we have between our fudge-loving neighbours to the South, and our blue-glass makers to the North.  It would also make it more entertaining to give the endless news reporters standing round in their wellies another word to say!

Make a Suggestion

Do you have a further suggestion for a demonym for Somerset?  A word that will evoke pride in our county?  head on over to the Demonym for Somerset campaign page to cast your vote, and even better still tweet it using the hashtag #DemforSomt …


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