Coleridge, French Spies and Opium… a BBC drama on the Wireless

I stumbled upon this radio drama,  “Paul B Davies – Spy Nozy and the Poets” this morning – admittedly attracted by ‘Somerset’ in the description, and then reading further, that it was about Samuel Coleridge and his time in Nether Stowey. This play was recorded back in 2001, but the Beeb is always repeating things, why not this?!

The play is set in Nether Stowey (for the main part) in the early 19th Century, and recounts a tale of when Coleridge was investigated as a potential French Spy (the Napoleonic Wars still fresh in minds back then). Martin Clunes is playing Coleridge here, and the ubiquitous Bill Nighy is the Home Office worker sent to investigate him. Former Goodie, actor and perpetual radio quiz panellist Graeme Garden is Nighy’s boss…

There’s only 2 days left to listen to this, but if you can find yourself three quarters of an hour over the next day or so, it’s worth a go!


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