Smeech – continued….

It’s always a boost to a blogger to receive some feedback from readers, if only because it makes us feel as if someone is out there reading the random thoughts we throw out into the virtual ether.  So it was quite the treat a short while ago to receive an email from a reader called ‘Chris’ (I’m going to go ahead and assume that ‘Chris’ is a fella, but I am open to being corrected on this one!) who wrote to tell me that he

“Stumbled across your blog today and was amazed to see the word “smeech“.  I grew up in Street in the 70s and certainly none of my [contemporaries] used it. However it was frequently used by my dad, smokey overfrying of food would lead to a claim of “you’ve smeeched the house out!”.  He grew up just over the Devon border in Axminster.”

When I responded to Chris to ask if I could use this quote in my blog, he graciously gave his consent, and continued with an anecdote related to another of these posts, …

“As a police cadet in 1981 I was sent to observe a trial in Taunton Crown Court as part of my training. I can’t remember anything about the trial but I do remember a witness from Chard saying something like ‘it was getting dimpsey by then’. This subsequently had to be explained to the judge.”

Brilliant!  Huge thanks to Chris for sending this in, and for letting me use it in this blog!  I love hearing stories about language use!  If you have any stories of your own around yours or any body else’ use of Somerset dialect, I’d love to hear them!


One thought on “Smeech – continued….

  1. My mother-in-law (who was born in Filton, Bristol and moved to Cheddar at primary school age) uses “dimpsey”. Her parents were from Warwickshire so I’ve always assumed the word came from there as none of my Somerset family have ever used it (my grandparents were from Bedminster, Evercreech, Priddy and East Harptree and working class so I’d have expected to hear most aspects of the local dialect).

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