Levelling out

The Levelling Movie PosterThere’s a film doing the rounds in Somerset and wider UK cinemas at the moment, before it goes out for (hopefully) general release.  The Levelling is set against the backdrop of the aftermath of the 2014 floods on the Somerset Levels, and discusses how a family copes with suicide.  It stars Ellie Kendrick (Being Human, Game of Thrones) and David Troughton (The Archers, Doctor Who, New Tricks) and is the feature debut of Hope Dickson Leach.  It’s been picking up nods left right and centre, with recognition from the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, which selected it for viewing in the ‘Discovery’ section of the programme.

I’m really hoping this goes on general release so I can watch over here in Dublin.  Alternatively, I hope it sticks around the Somerset theatres long enough for me to see it when I’m next over in Somerset to interview participants.  From what I’ve seen of the trailer, the accents seem authentic enough: not too hammy, typical regional RP.  If you get chance, I recommend you see it!

Preview dates are as according to this poster I’ve yoinked from the film’s Facebook page:



2 thoughts on “Levelling out

    1. I believe it’s been doing the rounds already – was on in Street (Strode Theatre) last week. Bristol (Watershed) tonight, and Bath on Sunday night. I’ll pop the poster I’ve seen in the post above 🙂

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