Be a part of Linguistic History!

As you probably know, this blog is part of the Somerset Speaks project I’ve been running, which is looking at language change across Somerset.  To identify that change, I’m interviewing as many people as I can before the end of 2017.  And I’ve made a video to explain a little more…..

Watch the video here:

The interview only takes about 30 mins and can be conducted in your own home, so you don’t have to travel anywhere.  There is no test, all we do is have a chat about your life, your work, and your hobbies.

Be an inspiration

In the case of people living on Exmoor, you also have the chance (if you wish) for your interview to be used as an Oral History, and included in the Exmoor Society Archive.

Oral Histories are used far and wide, by linguists such as me trying to identify language use that’s specific to a region, or period of time; by sociologists looking at how people live today; by historians who want to know how people lived in the past.

They can also be used for more creative projects, such as fiction, theatre and plays, actors can use them as a means to find a character for film or TV, or to try to learn a particular accent.  Musicians might use them as inspiration for songs or instrumental pieces that reflect the nature of the landscape.  Artists might look to oral histories to get an idea of what emotions a region can evoke and represent them in a painting.  The possibilities that Oral Histories can create are endless, and you could be the inspiration for something wonderful.

This is an ‘opt-in’ activity, and will only be submitted if you agree to it.  Otherwise, your interview is completely confidential.

Be a winner!

For everyone that takes part in a 30 mins recorded interview, they will be entered into a draw to win a £50 Gift Card.  And it gets better!  You can get extra chances to win the gift card by nominating someone else to participate.  Once that nominee has taken part in the interview, then they get entered into the draw and your name gets entered again.

Sign up to take part here


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