Accentuating prejudice

This post popped into my Twitter-Feed the other day: Anonymous hard right accounts attacking my accent again saying l am thick etc, l will reiterate l am proud of my accent and will not change! — Angela Rayner MP (@AngelaRayner) July 9, 2017 It’s deeply distressing that in this day and age someone should be […]

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I have to confess, this one is a new one on me.  I have Emma Tett, a reader of this blog (and published author), to thank for this one! Despite having grown up in Somerset, I have never heard ‘Billy Baker’ as the name for woodlice.  I’ve heard ‘Pill-bug’, I’ve heard ‘Doodlebug’ (although that one […]

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Want for nothing

I’ve been working through the Survey of English Dialects data over the past couple of weeks.  As I’m looking at changes in the accent in Somerset, this means looking at the phonetic data associated with the responses the participants (who were predominantly older men) gave back in the 1950s. Some of those responses haven’t changed […]

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Levelling out

There’s a film doing the rounds in Somerset and wider UK cinemas at the moment, before it goes out for (hopefully) general release.  The Levelling is set against the backdrop of the aftermath of the 2014 floods on the Somerset Levels, and discusses how a family copes with suicide.  It stars Ellie Kendrick (Being Human, […]

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PhD life….

Came across this cartoon today and it made me chuckle.  Pretty much reflects how I am before I have to make phone calls to potential participants!  So if I only have your phone number, expect this to have been the ritual before I contact you 😀 …..   The terror!! A post shared by Cassandra […]

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Language Change in Somerset, 1927

While visiting the Exmoor Society on Friday, I noticed that they had a book sale on.  This volume by ‘Mrs A C Osborn Hann’ in particular appealed to me.  Writing in 1927, she states that what linguists call the ‘voiced fricatives’ /v/ and /z/ replacing voiceless /f/ and /s/ was on the decline.  Of course, […]

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