“Zummerzet”? I’m not sure I hold wi’ that, mind.

A friend and fellow linguistics researcher sent me these pictures today!  She is from Puerto Rico, but her boyfriend is from Yeovil (or near enough), so they spent a little time there last year.  She was rather taken with this mug:

Are many of these words still in use though, or are they a convenient stereotype for the county?  Does voicing /s/ still occur (e.g. where ‘Somerset’ becomes ‘Zummerzet’), or is this a relic?  Either way, it’s the kind of thing that sells mugs.  And books.  And t-shirts!

I may start introducing a few back into my own vocab.  ‘Puggled’, for example, as an alternative to ‘drunk’, makes it sound harmless and even a little adorable.  I can’t remember the last time I said I was ‘miffed’, but I’m fairly sure I’ve heard ‘tidden’!

Do you use any of the words or phrases on this mug?


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